About us

Pressed by DEMI is Based in NYC. The owner started it during the COVID pandemic. So many people were stuck in the house and felt helpless due to nothing being open. We shouldn‘t have to rely on others to always make us feel good. It is great to be abled to do that for ourselves! 

Nails are a very fun and creative way to express ourself. Want to Jazz up your look without going over board – your mani will do that for you. We feel as though our nails reflect our moods or how we want to feel! I could look a mess in any other ways but if my nails are the only thing done I still manage to  feel fierce and somewhat put together. 

No need to sit in the salon for hours, with press on you can pamper yourself and quickly get salon quality mani all at home! 

Jewelry has always been apart of my daily attire and is another great way to express how you feel. Every summer I would bead and it always brought me so much joy. So adding jewelry to PressdbyDemi just felt right! 



It's Demi, just checking in! Press'd by Demi was created from my self care hobby of manicures and my passion for art. I began experimenting with nail art in high school and the creations grew from there. It was only right that I went on and earned my Bachelor's degree in graphic design. Art has always been a big part of my life whether it’s painting on a canvas or graphic design on my tablet. My love for art has definitely played a roll in my outlook on nails and the sky is the limit when it comes to creativity. 

As a graphic designer, I work on commission pieces and tend to draw freely to keep my creative juices flowing! If I am not doing anything art related, you can find me cooking/baking while watching true crime documentaries and sipping my tea. I also have a love for plants and crystals, the art of nature's creation!