All items are 100% hand painted to order. 

Sizes available?

  • Short round
  • Medium stiletto
  • Long coffin

How do I know the correct size to order?

  • The best way to accurately get your size is to order our “sizing kit”. The sample kit includes one of each size nail to ensure that you find your perfect fit for each nail before placing an order! If you don‘t fit the pre–set sizes (small, medium,large) and need custom sizing, email us at pressdbydemi@gmail.com. 

What type of nail adhesive should I use and how long do they last?

  • Nail glue can be used to attach the nails for longer wear. The usual wear time for nail glue is 1-2 weeks IF the nails were attached properly! Attachment video*


  • Nail adhesive tabs can also be used to adhere the nails for temporary use (1-2 days). Fast and easy removal!

Are the nails removable?

  • Yes, our hand painted custom nails are removable and can be reused, especially if you take good care of them. If you are using nail glue to adhere the nails, make sure to gentle file the excess glue from the back of the nail after removals for re-use. Removal.

What is the process time?

  • Most of our 100% hand made sets are ready to order. If you are getting a custom sized order please allow 2–3 weeks process time. Please keep in mind this all could vary depending on current volume of custom orders. 

What comes with my order?

  • Every order comes with a prep kit. Our prep kits consist of one mini wooden cuticle pusher, one file and buffer, two alcohol pads, nail glue and sticky tabs. 


  • All orders are shipped out via USPS from New York, NY. *Please keep in mind that process time does NOT include shipping time. Process time is currently 2-3 weeks.(Process time could vary.) 


  • Due to the nature of our product, we DO NOT accept returns. Please make sure to measure your nails correctly before ordering if you are not purchasing a size kit. If you have any questions/concerns you can check out our size chart for in-depth details. We are more than happy to answer any further questions. You can always send us an Email at pressdbydemi@gmail.com!